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The pain I went through can help you...

...I still remember the point where I felt really fed up with my playing - to the point of almost giving up. I repeated the same chords and ideas over and over again and not only did I feel uninspired, I felt like I was in a rut and unable to move forward. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have the internet or YouTube, or be in a position where I had the solutions and creative knowledge that I am now offering to my own students.


However, I was lucky because I managed to find an amazing teacher who taught me all about triads, drop2 chords, inversions and so much more.


With these doors now opened for me, I went on a journey of discovery and very quickly found the answers I had been looking for all along. I knew this, because at my very next band rehearsal, my band members could not believe my progress. The songs sounded fuller and richer. The real magic happened when I incorporated my new knowledge into my songwriting, and I was finally able to write the songs I never thought I’d be able to write.

    Your Journey in the Chords Alchemy Mastery



    In the first stage you learn open position chords properly and also learn how to change them smoothly.



    In the second stage you learn what's under the hood, and you go a step further by learning 7th chords, triads and more.



    Here you discover how to give extra colours for all the chords you've learnt so far and learn more easy ways to do so to amaze yourself and your audience.



    At this stage you learn about chord extensions, exotic chords, power chords and much more and will be able to spice up your chord progressions.

    Learn by Playing Songs

    In every stage of this course you'll put your new knowledge into practise and play amazing songs using the chords you've learnt. I carefully selected all kinds of great tunes across lot of genres for you so that you'll really feel the progress you've made.

    What is included in this online video course for you?

    Stage 1 - Campfire Player

    • You learn all the basic chords here

      We establish all the basics needed to get going and play nice songs. Once you learn these basic chords, you'll be already able to play hundreds of songs with ease!

    • You discover methods to change these chords easily

      At the beginning chord changes are difficult but fortunately there are hack, tips & trick I'm sharing with you to make this much easier and give you fuel and motivation to move forward.

    • You get to know how to avoid finger pain and buzzing strings

      There are certain techniques with which you can make your life easier when it comes to learn chords. You'll be able to avoid pain in your fingers and badly sounding dead or buzzing notes. You'll be able to play all the chords with accuracy and nice sound.

    • You put everything into practice by learning songs

      You can immediately use your gained knowledge by playing songs. These are included in the course.

    Stage 2 - Discoverer

    • You learn what's going on under the hood and get the information how all kinds of chords are constructed and why

      It's very important to know why things are the way they are. You learn how to form major, major, dominant 7 chords so you'll be able to create these qualities in the future anywhere on the fretboard. This knowledge is crucial and don't be afraid, it's not difficult at all.

    • You include 7th chords at open position in your chord vocabulary

      You go a step further. You're still at open position on the guitar but with 7th chords you access juicy sounds you never imagined possible before!

    • You discover barre chords and how to fret and change them

      This is usually very tricky and painful, but with my tips you can speed this process up, save your fingers from pain and the huge benefit is that once you learn barre chords, you can shift them up and down on the fretboard to play any major and minor chord!

    • You put everything into practice by learning songs

      You can immediately use your gained knowledge by playing songs. These are included in the course.

    Stage 3 - Adventurer

    • You learn to play seventh and other extended chords everywhere on the guitar

      You give further taste and colours to the chords, you learn how to play these chords anywhere on the instrument and you'll be able to substitute open position chords with these better sounding ones. You'll be amazed how it'll sound and how much motivation you'll get!

    • I open the doors for you how to spice up any chord anywhere by using your free fingers

      With these techniques you can come up with very exciting chord variations based on open position chords and any other chords as well. You'll start exploring all the possibilities your guitar can provide you and this creative journey is very motivating.

    • You get to know how to play any chord anywhere on the instrument

      From this stage it doesn't matter what the key of the song is or where you'd like to play them, everything is just possible for you without headache. You'll discover that any chord can be played anywhere.

    • I introduce you to the world of chord inversions and why there're so important

      Chord inversions are very useful and crucial. With them you can play very nice melody lines with chords, consciously leading the chords to wherever you want to lead them and give a very nice chordal accompaniment.

    • You put everything into practice by learning songs

      You can immediately use your gained knowledge by playing songs. These are included in the course.

    Stage 4 - Emperor

    • You learn about jazz and blues chords

      These are smooth sounding, creamy and amazing variations you can shift up and down anywhere. They will provide that bluesy and jazzy sounds you've always dreamt about.

    • You extend your knowledge with exotic chords

      This is the holly grail here. Amazing sounds, exciting forms to truly express yourself. 

    • You discover all kinds of altered, diminished and other advanced methods

      If blues and outside sounds, then these chords are the solution. With these advanced but still easy chords you can amaze yourself, your audience and your bandmates!

    • You put everything into practice by learning songs

      You can immediately use your gained knowledge by playing songs. These are included in the course.




    Different Chord Types And Variations


    Hours Video Play Time



    Check out a few lessons.

    The additional huge benefit of learning chords


    First of all, learning chords is fun! You'll be able to play thousands of songs, even complicated ones. In the second stage of the course you'll discover how you can substitute the open position cowboy chords with more expressive ones without hassle. This way the songs you play will sound richer and way more exciting.

    But the huge benefit comes now! Every song has been made using chords. Even very heavy music uses chords and they're expressed in riffs.


    If you learn chords properly you'll learn which notes make up the particular chord, which means that you can use these notes in your solos to express the chord and you'll also know which notes to use to extend those sounds and take your solos way beyond!


    If I knew this when I was starting out I wouldn't have skipped learning chords and I would've saved a lot of time and effort.

    So much knowledge for so little price??

    As you can see there is so much knowledge, fully packed with an easy step-by-step method to just lead you through the entire journey. To be honest, this knowledge worths much more I'm charging for.

    By finishing the course there will be nothing left for you to know about chords!

    As of right now, I’m offering you this knowledge and a solution to true progression with mastering chords for a LIMITED AND INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF JUST


    $297 $49 

    Is there a monthly fee??

    No, there's NO hidden "continuity program" you have to try or anything even remotely like that.



    The Boldest Guarantee In The World


    Of course there's a money-back guarantee.

    If after going through all of the materials and watching all of the videos, you feel that you got no value, I will gladly provide you with a full refund in the first 30 days.


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