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Have you ever wished there was somebody who could easily guide and teach you throughout your guitar journey... your own on-hand private teacher, saving you valuable time in trying to put together your own lessons from YouTube and other sources? Have you ever wished there was a way to learn and progress in an easy-to-follow visual way, where you can keep track of and measure your progress and be part of a community of other like-minded musicians? 


Based on years of feedback that I have received from my students, I realized that the best and most effective way to actually learn the guitar is in a consistent, step-by-step and bite-sized program - where you have guidance on exactly what to learn and practice to be able to make your best and fastest progression


So... I decided to create a membership where you can follow a consistent path and achieve great results in each phase in the process. My vision is to create a hub for enthusiastic and motivated people who want to learn or already know how to play guitar and who can help each other along the way.


However - it’s much more than just a guitar learning “course”. This is a continuity program for all abilities and styles... from learning the guitar, to industry guidance, recording and songwriting sessions and much more, fully packed with like-minded fellow musicians. A place where everybody grows, plays a lot (of course!), has tons of fun, always supporting and guiding each other along the way.


When I started to develop the vision for The GuitarHub, I did so with three primary goals in mind:

  1. It must be affordable to people all over the world.

  2. It must be accessible to anyone in the world who has an internet connection.

  3. It must be complete, meaning it must not only provide knowledge, it must also provide support, community, mentorship and a route to funding for artists who excel.


The Best in Best


By signing up as a GuitarHub Member, you immediately gain access to my 2 existing courses, The Guitar Fretboard Mastery and Melody Maker DNA. 


Key Components Of The GuitarHub


The first thing to understand is that The GuitarHub is not a course. It’s been designed as a continuity program - it’s a membership that has the sole objective of delivering you so much value, you’ll never want to leave!


Delivered as both core content - lessons that will help you to make measurable progress - and monthly content, delivered in various forms throughout the month.


Get your questions answered quickly so that you can navigate your way through obstacles efficiently.


Know that every member within The GuitarHub is going through the same process as you, they have the same values and aspirations. Collaborate, share and get inspired by the success of your fellow GuitarHub members.

Your Success Path

  • Foundation - Basic Level

    Try it! Discover the guitar!

    Discover what you need to get started and how you can quickly progress to play some nice chords and even melodies.

    You will learn the basics of music in a beautiful visual way.

  • Lower-Intermediate

    Learn it!

    You are now at a level where you are able to amuse yourself and your beloved ones with some easy songs. Now let’s take it to the next level!

    Here you’ll discover all about the foundation of melody creation, the basics of soloing using pentatonic and major scales.

    In your chordal playing you go to the next level and use amazing chord structures and different colours.

    You’ll be introduced to chord progressions and different techniques to train your fingers.

  • Intermediate

    Play it!

    You had a lot of fun so far right? Here all the doors will open for you to play diverse and more complex melodies and solos.

    This is a very exciting part of the journey. You’ll further train your fingers and muscle memory. Your ability in melodic expression will include more scales, patterns, arpeggios, intervals and a whole lot more. You’ll discover how everything is interconnected in music. You’ll start learning how to write and compose your own songs.

    You’ll be able to craft solos and riffs on the fly and will be able to participate in a band as a prepared guitarist.

  • Upper-Intermediate

    Immerse yourself in your playing!

    You realized at this point that you just love all of this and also that this isn’t about talent.

    Here you are absolutely aware of the things you play and the instrument just sings in your hands. You’ll be introduced to music recording, DAWs, different tools to record your music.

    You’ll learn how to use silence in your playing (you read it correctly, silence is a very important component!), how to write music using different approaches, how more complex chord progressions work, and how you can follow complex chord changes and substitutions.

  • Advanced

    Live it!

    You are a diverse and great guitar player now. You want to make this a living and lifestyle.

    You’ll get industry advice, because believe it or not, there has been never better time to make a living as a musician.

    You’ll learn some crazy jazz stuff like whole-tone scale and half-whole tone scale. At this point, you can play in any genre and formation and support the other musicians and shine as well when it’s your turn :)


Key Features of The Membership

All Content Accessible 24/7

All content is assembled in bitesize, easy to consume and digest chunks.

Efficient & Concise Content

Consume content in the way you best learn - video, audio and written form.

Consume Content In Any Form

Delivered across the month in various forms, including videos, case studies, audio, pdf and beautiful visual elements!

Receive Ongoing Next Level Education

Know that you'll be constantly receiving ongoing education designed to help you excel, grow and prosper constantly.

Monthly Content

Delivered across the month in various forms, including videos, case studies, audio, pdf and beautiful visual elements!

Contribute to the Development of The GuitarHub

As an Early Adopter, you have the chance to help shape the future of The GuitarHub.

Membership Fee Locked for Life

As an Early Adopter, you'll never pay more than the monthly / annual membership fee you pay to come onboard now.

Typical Subscriptions / Recurring Outgoings

Spotify - $9.99 / Month

Netflix - $15.99 / Month

Youtube Premium - $12 / Month

Starbucks - $93 / Month

Typical Monthly Cost For The Above

$253.98 / Daily Cost $8.35

Actionable Value = $0.00


These are the typical subscriptions / recurring outgoings that most people have... subscriptions that offer you no actionable value, in fact some of them take you away from taking the action you need to take to make progress.


To be a GuitarHub founding member, you might think it will cost you more than $253.98 per month, because The GuitarHub is 100% actionable value! - if you listen, learn and then implement, you will 100% make measurable and real progress ahead. 


However, remember what I said? - 'It must be affordable to people all over the world' - so, here I am providing you with an opportunity to sign up to a membership program that has the capability of learning to play the guitar for real...

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You might still have a few questions.

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Is it an online course?

What if I'm a more intermediate and advanced guy?

Is there any contract I have to sign?

How frequently will you upload more content?

Is it for beginner players too?

Why is it different from all the other memberships out there?

What payment methods do we accept?

What is the curriculum of the GuitarHub membership?

I've already purchased all of your courses, is the GuitarHub still for me?

100% it's for you, especially since the GuitarHub gives you the opportunity to be able to ensure that your new found progress is progress that keeps on sustaining over time and doesn't just end when you finish the course. As a member, you'll be getting every single update that is coming ahead, as well being being part of the community of which I personally will be very active within.


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