A New Way To Play Flawless & Enchanting Melodies

If you’re head over heels in love with your guitar but you can’t seem to string a terrific melody, this course is for you. Imagine connecting deeply with music through the delicious sounds played by your hands!

What Would It Take To Play the Guitar Just The Way You Like?

The first time you saw your guitar, your heart did a rumble tumble. Now it has a special spot in your home, and you absolutely adore and care for it. 


But, each time you pick it up to connect, you can’t seem to string two notes into something amazing. You could play a few scales and patterns, but it all seems like a robot’s playing.

You’ve learned a few licks, but they don’t fit in when you try. You feel so stuck that you want to quit trying. Even when you repeat the same ideas over and over again, it all seems like a hopeless cause.

Don’t quit yet, we’ve got something different…

We all know how tricky it can be learning to play the guitar. And it all seems so overwhelming when we find huge libraries of guitar playing lessons on YouTube and we don’t know how or where to begin.  


Those lessons aren’t tailored to reality. It is wrong to start that way because it takes a lot of your time without teaching you what’s most important. They only teach you how to play some random chords, and songs but creating melodies on the fly is a huge problem. That’s because you only become a true pro when you understand that the melody is the song.


How about a new way to communicate that crazy guitar love into exciting and innovative melodies like never before? You can become a pro guitar player without drowning yourself in an ocean of guitar lessons that seem to have no directions.

Introducing the Guitar Melody Maker DNA​

Play like a pro from day one

Most Guitar lessons force learners to try out boring chord sequences without fully understanding the melodies they’re playing. I believe that you must learn to play the guitar by truly understanding the process of melody creation. 


My premium bite-sized video lessons are uniquely designed with you in mind, so you can build the right skills and become an all-round amazing musician. Every time you learn something new, you immediately understand more than just the chord sequences – you learn to make fresh and exciting melodies!

    Easy to follow learning path

    The Guitar Melody Maker DNA course features unique and beautiful graphics that make your job easier. You don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out where to start. I’ve carefully organized your learning process so that each lesson leads to the next without confusing you. 


    Forget about doing endless searches through YouTube. Forget about learning randomly in a merry-go-round without great results. Here is an easier way to learn to play the guitar in a simple step-by-step system. Our lessons are meticulously organized to keep you energized throughout your learning path.

    Create terrific melodies on the fly

    My goal is not only to help you learn to play the guitar but to play like a pro. As a pro, you know where the phrases start and end. You can hear the beautiful notes in your head even before you play them. 


    I’ll help you learn to visualize the melodies and harmoniously string notes into anything. Become a confident expert at playing the guitar. Access everything you need to become a pro guitar player.

      Why you will love this course

      Structured Learning Path


      Step by step method with easy explanations and a structured path to digest and process easily.

      More than 60 HD video lessons and practice sessions.

      Practice Sessions with the Instructor


      At the end of each mode presentation, you will access a dedicated session, where you can watch and learn how to apply each mode presentation easily. 

        Easy & Engaging



        Understanding the guitar and how melodies work shouldn't be as hard as most people believe. Our visual sessions make it easy for you to SEE every little detail without fuss.

        Real Use-Cases and Chord Progressions


        All of this is worth nothing if you can’t use them in reality. Learn new techniques and practice with real-life examples.

        More than 35 Audio Files & Backing tracks


        See, play, and understand what it takes to create beautiful melodies all over the fretboard with downloadable pdf files and more than 35 audio tracks.

        Lifetime Access


        Pay once and access courses for life. This means you can learn from anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.

        Pay once, learn forever

        Instead of picking up a bunch of disjointed tactics and techniques, you’ll develop real skills to make great music with only a fraction of the cost of buying your amplifiers and instruments. Invest in real knowledge and become a creative, confident, and skilled guitar player for just $129 - $34 – no recurring fees.

        90% OFF

        $129 $69 $34
        one time fee

        Music Melody Maker DNA

        The ultimate way to play fabulous melodies on the fretboard regardless of any positions or keys.

        See What Others Have to Say

        • Gets to the point, saves you hours of random content on any video streaming platform. Great stuff!​

          Manuel Antonio Reyes Querales

        • Excellent! The title “Masterclass” speak for itself. These tutorials broaden my understanding of the Fretboard. A “must see” for any aspiring lead guitarist!

          Jon Cook

        • No guessing on the material that is taught. It gets right to the point.

          Rony Van Den Block

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